The Final Touch

Of all of  the rooms in my home, the Guest bedroom is the room of which I am most proud.  I wanted to create this beach-like or Cape Cod environment, a relaxing vibe.  I think part of the concept was derived from wanting to incorporate white linens.  I mean, something that can be bleached in between guests so each guest feels that their linen is spotless.    I find myself often walking into the room just to get a quick feel of the relaxation.  However, there was one problem.  If I walk in and face the bed, everything thing looked great, but if  I rotate  180 degrees,  there was  just this bare wall.  I could not figure out what was missing.    My dilemma was trying to figure out what I can add to a blank wall for an insanely cheap price.

I couldn’t decide what to add, but finally it hit me.  I recalled the framed mirrors that are sold at Ikea.  They offer a variety of colors, but the best is the unfinished wood which allows you to paint whatever colors.  The mirrors are only $2.99 and I happened to have leftover white paint from house painting.  The next dilemma to address was how I would hang it.  I pictured a rope type of apparatus like something you’d see on a boat dock.  Well one Micheal’s trip and coupon later,  I found wired material that resmbled a rope and decided to use it.  It was only $3 and change after the 50% off coupon.   Less than 2 hours later my vacation getaway room was complete.



Budget:  $10-20

Total Spent:  $12