Eeyore-Themed Baby Shower with a Purple Twist

When my best friend of over 20 years told me she was pregnant and wanted me to do her baby shower, I lost it.  I was so overwhelmed with excitement and not to mention I had taken up her suggestion to start blogging about decorating just before she asked.  Once we found out it was a girl, I asked what was her designated color scheme.  Now, I already knew here favorite color was purple, but apparently I missed that is was also blue.  Oh and it doesn’t stop there, she doesn’t like pink.  And of course, the theme had to be based on her favorite Winnie the Pooh character, Eeyore.  Truthfully, themes suggested by the guest of honor always make it easier.  I think that even if I am not given a theme request, I make one up.  It seems to help one stay consistent and not have too many random pieces and ideas exploding all over the decorating space.  Another piece of the process is that I let her tell me the theme and the colors and after that, she was banned.  People have to remember showers (Wedding, Bridal, Baby, etc.) are not weddings , if you are lucky you will get to make a suggestion, but someone is throwing it for you so you just sit back and be prepared to be surprised.  With that said, I had to be kicked out of my baby shower planning.

For certain, I was using the Eeyore theme, but I refused to eliminate pink and for those familiar with Eeyore you know he has a pink bow on his tail.  At this point in the process I was doing my sneaky villain laugh since I found a way to sneak in pink.  Initially the only blue I incorporated was a few balloons and the Eeyore dolls which I found for a good deal online.  Turns out that Disney, who actually had the best quality of dolls and the best price, only offered Eeyore in his original gray color.  Apparently blue Eeyore, my bf’s favorite, was a seasonal version that became popular.  The blue hydrangeas actually were not done on purpose, but worked out.  The floral company I used could not come up with the origianl 40 stems of purple I offered.  Of course I did not find that out utnil I wen to pick up my order.  Thank goodness it worked out anyway and turned out better than having all purple.  After that, I decided to focus on varying shades of purple as the  color scheme.  In the process I learned new colors like periwinkle and that Lilac is a lighter Lavender like color.

I came up with the centerpiece first and foremost.  I love hydrangeas with their fullness and rich coloring and wanted to incorporate something that made it like a baby shower.  Somehow my interpretation turned out to be a hydrangea centerpiece with a twirl pop in the center.  This centerpiece I made on a great budget with the help of my favorite party planning mecca, downtown Los Angeles.  Thank goodness for my resident town, because I was quoted $4-$6 per stem in Las Vegas (site of the shower) and paid $1.50 per stem during Valentine’s weekend in the wonderful flower district.  You better believe it was worth it to transport the flowers the 200+ miles to Vegas for that kind of savings.  The florist provided me with buckets for free.  Ask and you shall receive.

The event turned out great and the final decoration product turned out great.  I always say you never know how the final product will look, after all, it starts off a vision in my head.

Thanks to I was able to turn a $4 a pop cookie into a $0.30 cookie

Budget:  $600

Spent: $700

Guest Count:  50


5 thoughts on “Eeyore-Themed Baby Shower with a Purple Twist

  1. Keeping the costs low on this event was a challenge. I had to purchase some things in another state and the guest count started at 70 and only about 26 showed up. It was a learning experience.

  2. This is beautiful. Can you tell me more about the tree and where you found the paper lanterns? Thank you! I am planning an Eeyore baby shower that will take place in a few weeks.

    • Hi Christy, thank you so much for the compliments. It brightens my day. I am in the Los Angeles area, but I went to a place called Party Barn in Long Beach, CA. You can google it. Lanterns can be expensive if you go to the wrong place. At Party Barn they range from $1 – $2 depending on the size. The difference with cheaper ones (price can get into double digits) is that the paper is thinner and they can rip easily if mishandled. There are other places in downtown LA that have them for $2. Ikea, I believe has some for a reasonable price as well. Like approx. $3-$4. Please verify. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Oh, the tree, it is called a Manzanita branch and I got this one downtown Los Angeles for $8. They are a hot item for weddings so they are every where so price around. This one came with the base which is a great deal. I suggest you buy one with a base. Good Luck!

  3. Hi. Like you, I like planning the decorations for parties. Very nice what you did for your bf’s baby shower. I like the Manzanita and am thinking of incorporating it in my daughter’s princess and knight party next month. What did you hang on it? Is it better to go to downtown or Party Barn will do? I need to look for trinkets for the goodie bags as well. Is it a lot cheaper in downtown? Invited kids would be about 60-65 but not sure if all will come. Thanks.

    • Hi Marie, thank you for the compliment. Sorry for the delayed response. I actually just threw my husband a surprise poker birthday party which I will blog about soon. If you are close to Party Barn, I would say start there especially for the little trinkets. They specialize more in the little detailed items, whereas downtown has everything. Party Barn has some of the best prices I have seen, but they often fall short with my needs. As far as the manzanita branches, you will have to go downtown. Do not pay more than $8, base included. The items hanging from the branch at the shower were advice cards that I stamped on one side with her favorite flower, a calilily and guests wrote advice on the other then hung them on the tree. I became obsessed with them since my wedding. I got mine for $5-$6 a pop from this place I found online (Blooms & Branches). I don’t know if they are still operating and their warehouse is in the I.E. I hope this helps. Good luck because that is a lot of children.

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