A Beach Bash for a Little Pirate

With this new found love for creating wonderful celebrations and spaces for a bargain, it was inevitable that I would go wild on my son’s 2nd birthday.  Well at least in my head I did.  My son’s actual birthday and celebration, was to occur the weekend after I threw my cousin’s baby shower.  I was so burned out that my endless stream of ideas came to a hault when it came to practical application.  Nevertheless, I still managed to put something together for my little one that had him super excited.

The theme was pirate and the location was Zuma beach in Malibu, California.  To my dismay, there are restrictions for having a party at a “public” beach.  We were only allowed a 10 x 10 ft. canopy, no more than 50 guests, and still maintain “normal” beach activity which apparently excludes a table set up.  O.k. so I ignored that last part.  Call it rebellious, but I figured if I was going to have the canopy, I would have the table.

This event was the first time I decided to  focus on food and of course I went crazy.  From roast beef sandwiches with onions roasted in balsamic vinegar to three different types of cupcakes.  My concept with the food was no utensils and it actually worked out pretty well.   Something I am really proud of is using dowels made for cake stands for the skewers.  They were thick and had flat edges so no kids poking their eyes out.

I also decided that 2 years old was a little too young for organized activities so I just brought beach  toys and borrowed a play table from a friend and brought one for Connor (my son) as his gift and another play item.  My husband dug a hole in the sand and we threw in several beach balls (Amazon’s error got me 9 extra pirate beach balls which later was added to the take home favor).  The kids loved the toys.  Speaking of the take home favor, I have heard it all.  From not giving it to the children because it teaches them to expect things, to giving over the top favors to impress the parents.  Well to avoid giving cheap 99 cent gifts, which is my budget,  I gave food.  I gave goldfish, squeeze packs, apple sauce and homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I added bubbles since it’s just a  soapy liquid and I had my husband burn a CD of CJ’s favorite kiddie songs with the addition of a personalized Sesame Street song (it says their name).  The bucket was $1.20 at Michael’s (with my coupon), the cds were nearly free.  I would say each bucket cost around $6.

What I learned from this event is all you need for a toddler party are random and I mean random toys for the kids and good food for the adults and everyone will call it an amazing party!


3 thoughts on “A Beach Bash for a Little Pirate

  1. The party was so fun not only for the kids, for us adults also. We were able to relax and enjoy watching the kids and conversate with the adults.The food yummy and of course the vanilla bean cupcake was the talk of the beach party. Beach idea was great perfect location and scenery……..
    great job Kisha continue with your creative ideas

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