A Gift From The Heart

A Registry is a suggestion, a fallback if you run out of time, help for those who not experienced, and an easy out for those who just don’t feel like looking.  Now, I have used the Registry a time or two.  If i am in a hurry and/or ran out of time, it is my go-to place to shop.  Fortunately for me, when my good friend Gisela was having her baby shower, I had the time.  I always prefer to be able to personalize a gift.  And come on, it’s no secret that registry items are usually expensive.  And if you are fortunate enough to have a registry with cheap options…well you can’t hide how much you spent.  It is always my mission in life to get the best for cheap.   For this gift, I wanted to do a basket…oh who am I kidding, I always want to do a basket.  The first thing is I want the basket to be able to be reused so I get one that is neutral or matches a known color scheme.  Since this was for a baby shower and i am the mother of a two year old, I knew exactly what I wanted to put inside.  I made a list and went to seek out the best prices.  This is one of the bonuses of doing a “Create your Own” gift basket.  This may have been pretty bold, but I knew I would take almost everything out of the packaging to make my basket pretty and make my own wrapping.  This totally worked out when I went to Ross and  someone has ripped part of the Gerber onesie package including the price.  I was charged $2.99.  Guess what I went to…..oops, I won’t say the name, but it was next door and that same exact package with the same 4 onesies was  $9.99.  This is probably #1 on the list of why I do not purchase directly from Registry’s.

Gisela is expecting a boy so what started off as blue turned into a blue and brown color scheme.  I had brown ribbon left over from another event so i used that to wrap like products together.  I then used my cutting machine to cut labels that I can put around each wrapped item so there is no confusion for their us.  Also it is just fun to say cute things about the item.  My color printer couldn’t get hooked up in time so after a brief temper tantrum I decided to use markers to add some color.  And, of course, no basket would be complete without ribbons.  When I went to look for cards, I wanted to get one of those fancy cute ones, but they want like six bucks!  You’ll never guess what i did, I used left over card stock and made a homemade card where I was able to express myself personally.

The best part was she loved it and it meant just as much to her as it did to me making it.  Not only did I save money, but I was able to make something special for a dear friend!


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