A Diva’s Shower


“I don’t want a regular baby shower”…”the baby isn’t even here yet” were the words out of my cousin’s mouth when discussing ideas for her baby shower.  Of course these words did anything but surprise me.  I mean, the Diva herself, wanting a shower celebrating her rather than the baby was pretty much what one could expect from the self-proclaimed celebrity.  As much as I wanted to tease her, it was a major challenge and gave me great inspiration to try to come up with a shower that was more sophisticated and celeb style rather than the typical pastel-covered, toilette paper, cotton ball, all about the baby baby showers we all know and love.  Her color choices were black and white with a touch of pink.  I truly do not know what it is with these people and their hatred of pink.  Anyway, I had her chose a pattern (we ended up with damask) as I feel it should be automatic to pick a pattern if your colors are black and white.  I mean, it’s such a dynamic pairing,  you want to have a focus or else you will find yourselves with polka dots and stripes.  Ultimately this  ended up being one of my favorite events.  My cousin’s style brought out a whole new level of creativity.  Not to mention the fact that the budget was tight for this type of shower so I even had to make up original games and revamp (or recheap) oldies, but it’s so fun to see the cheapest way  to achieve a chic look.

These are my favorite and most time consuming pieces.  They are called pomanders and I got it from one of my favorite websites, http://www.hwtm.com, but instead of using crepe paper sheets which I could not find, I used paper streamer from the 99 Cents Only Store and bought the Styrofoam balls from Michael’s with my 50% off coupon.

Wait, did i already exclaim something was my fav because this is by and large my favorite addition.  I love the idea  of homemade paper mobiles so much, I plan to put it in the nursery for my second (whenever that happens).  You can Google search paper mobiles for baby nursery and find some of the most jaw dropping creations.  And to think, I thought this was an original idea.  Regardless, I love it!

The Dessert Bar which included a Candy Bar (The other aspect of the theme was cocktail party…you get the point) was so delicious according to guests.  Imagine my devastation when I had to wait until the end of the shower to scrape over the leftovers.

As a gift to the guest of honor, I took pictures of her guests giving words of advice and made a framed collage.  The “chalk board” was the same black foam board (from Wal-mart for only $1.99) that was used for Baby Shower Pictionary.  I used chalk I had leftover from another shower drawing.  You can imagine that after some time it got a little messy.  A little tip though, it actually erases with a wet paper towel.  This is my go to answer for all the fancy people that can afford an actual chalk board and keep throwing it in my face.  Sidebar:  I really love the chalkboards.


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