Rainbow Bright

When I saw the images from Julia’s 2nd birthday party, I just had to blog about it.  Julia’s mom Sara, like me, is a budget conscious mommy.  Fortunately for her, she also happens to be skilled in crafts hence the awesome rainbow birthday she was able to put together.

This is one of my favorite details of the decor.  It has such a whimsical effect and all it requires is some assorted streamer which you can pick up for a bargain at your local 99 cent store.  They usually carry all of the colors.


Ok so this is where it gets super smart.  When dealing with toddlers, I have learned the first place to save on cost is their entertainment.  At home they’d rather play with pots and pans than toys and at parties they are happy with anything new which means someone else’s toys (or when someone else is interested in their old toys).  Sara was so smart by taking out her daughter’s toys and strategically placing them so they look like a game room.  She also shelled out a “few” dollars to create a some fun games that go with the theme.  Colorful crayons can be purchased at the 99 cent store or local bargain store and you can print out coloring pages from the computer and the Fruitloop jewelry station is genius!  I am sure this is one of those times when “Color Circles” (or whatever funny name they give the generic cereal) are the favorite.  Put them in assorted bowls and the children will flock.



Ahhh the food, the marvelous, delicious food.  It’s just so colorful, I think I am going to have a rainbow overload.  So the trick is to use all the colors of the rainbow.  I have to say the rainbow fruit skewers are the prettiest and, since I’m a health nut, my number one choice.  Time saving tip, purchase plain sugar cookies and just make the frosting.  A standard confectioner’s sugar and water mix, separate and color each one.



Ooooh the final treat, the homemade birthday cake executed so brilliantly.  The new trend for all celebrations that I have observed is the surprise cake.  The seemingly plain cake with the plain white frosting hiding a aesthetically pleasing treat inside.  Sara spiced this one up with a cutsie rainbow triangle garland.




Thanks Sara for letting me share your daughter’s party!


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