Back In Time For A 60th Birthday Celebration

I must say, I love getting dressed up; especially since it has become such a rare event being a mother of a two year old energetic boy.  Couple getting dressed up with getting dressed up for a themed party, well that is just icing on the cake.  Then, to be in charge of decorating for a themed event in which I get to dress up, o.k. let’s just say excitement overload.  Did I mention I like getting dressed up?  Well, my aunt turned the big 6-0 and wanted to embrace her age in style with a 1920s to 1930s themed extravaganza and an extravaganza it was.

My aunt actually enlisted the help of my cousin for coordinating and in true fashion; she delegated the task of decorating to me.  When we went to the venue, it was as if we had stepped through a portal back in time…o.k. that is an exaggeration.  I would say it was as if we stepped onto a movie set where they were doing a period piece.  It would have been more authentic if the lighting weren’t so colorful.  The room was 1920s art deco and the architect or designer (I don’t really know who handles interior structures) really did their homework before creating this room.  The room had colorful, yet dark lighting that reminded me of “The Cotton Club” or one of those other movies set in the 20s or 30s where one of the scenes includes a blues singer on the stage at a nightclub.  I was bubbling over with ideas until those bubbles where burst by the manager ultimately telling me I couldn’t hang anything.    I had already mentally designed my art deco style chandeliers.  Fortunately it only took moments for me to come up with an alternative.

This room was so gorgeous and perfect already, there was not much to do anyway.  The birthday girl was adamant about having ostrich feathers so I actually just came up with two pieces of accessories to this room with built in decorations.  I decided that since we could not use any tape, removable hooks, or any other of my go-to pieces, I would hang something on the sconces the had against the walls and something just free standing.  I was inspired by a headpiece I found searching for fashion of the 1920s and 1930s.  It had a huge broche type jewel with feathers sticking out of the top and pearls hanging from the bottom.  My translation is what you see below.  Now I had to use most of my budget for ostrich feathers which are not cheap so I actually bought pairs of earrings that kind of look like these gorgeous vintage broaches from Forever 21 for only $3.80 and to my delight, they had long pearl necklaces for only $8.80.  While I was there, I found another style of necklace that also seemed vintage and they actually turned out looking better than the pearls. The final touch was a sign in which I used card stock I already had at home and sprinkled the letter with extra fine glitter which, is like a high end version of glitter.


I stuck gorgeous white ostrich feathers in vases I found at Michael’s which looked like they could have been in someone’s house during that time period and because I held out for my 50% off coupons, I only paid $20 each.  I sat those up in a corner and in fear that they wouldn’t stand out in the jazz club lighting, I bought little flat push lights from the 99 cents only store to put in back so they’d cast this spotlight-like glow on the feathers.  To add a little more pizzazz to the room, I had the Martinelli bottles that were take home favors placed around the room.  All in all, I would say I accessorized this event rather than decorated, but I was quite proud of my little pieces.



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