Wardrobe Revamp

About a week ago I went into my closet and stood there silently cursing out my wardrobe.  I hated it.  I felt like all of the clothes were outdated, limited, and just plain…well crappy.  First thought, go shopping and replace the whole the thing.  The second thought, was “wake up, wake up, you’re not rich”.  What is a girl to do?  Well in true V.Q. (my mother’s initials) fashion I snapped myself out of the pity party that was going on in my head, accepted my financial situation, realized that I had nothing to complain about, and came up with an idea.   What started out as another one of my hair brain schemes turned into something pretty awesome.  I decided to use what I had and make something out of it.  O.k. that last one was real V.Q.  I took every item of clothing out of my closest and separated them into several piles.

Pile #1 was clothes that I like just as they are.  As you can imagine that was the smallest pile ever.  Pile #2 was clothes that I like and just can’t figure out how to wear and also clothes that I wanted to give one more chance.  I even had clothes in that pile that I had never worn because I didn’t know how (I know sounds silly).  Pile #3 was  clothes to donate and finally pile #4 was function change clothes.  Right out of the gate pile #4 gave immediate gratification.  Months or maybe even years ago, I fooled myself into thinking I was going to pull off that “I am doing super casual but in style” look.  You know the one that celebrities wear when they are trying to go incognito.  Like I look like a bum….or do I.   Well, on me it was more like a half-ass attempt to get dressed.  I always felt homely when I paired these colorful or patterned t-shirts with jeans.  Those shirts went into pile #4 which turned them into work out shirts or lounge around the house shirts.  The result, I  actually feel cute lying around the house or working out.   A far cry from my usual please-no-one-come-to-the-door-or-you-may-be-frightened look.  This then allowed me  to give away my cotton t-shirts, collected from various events over the years that are now too small.

Pile #2, the largest, was heavy duty work.  I decided to go online and look up Fall/Winter 2012 fashion trends to help me figure out how to wear this stuff so I can start smiling when I walk into my closet.  It took a lot longer than I thought , but it was so fun.  O.k., I will come clean, there were moments where I was like “what did I get myself into” but that may mostly be due to the fact that I am a mother of a wild 2 year old boy.  Needless to say, I came out with some awesome new clothes and I really surprised myself.  I actually tried on different pieces and paired them in ways I never would have thought of before being inspired by this year’s fashions.  I jotted the styling on a sticky note and attached it to the hanger.  I am not exaggerating when I say I really feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.  I was also humbled a.k.a felt ungrateful when I realized how much clothing I actually had.

Dress I would just throw on during warmer weather months. Now something I can wear in the fall (a look I found online).

I have had this blazer for over 3 years and rarely wear it. Bought the blouse months ago and never wore it because I ordered it online and it was too big.

Adding a belt and jeans to this dress that I was getting bored of turned it in to something that makes me feel stylish

This one, to me, is a gem. I had to show the before and after and, although embarrassing, I felt I actually had to take the picture wearing it. It was an impulse buy from a sale rack and turns out, not really fitting for a post baby, post breastfeeding body. If you get my drift. Well I was just thinking convert to a scarf when I realized I could just tuck it in at the elastic. I paired it with my black blazer that I rarely wear and some black jeans and black pumps. Bam, a new outfit!

A few extra tips and things learned:

I thought of this when I was almost done for the day, but you could take a picture of yourself in the outfit instead of the sticky notes and keep an electronic catalog.

You can share this with a friend and mix and match using each other’s clothing.  Although, that might be a disaster when you start seeing your reject clothing in a new light.

One more benefit that this whole ordeal had besides me now feeling like I have an awesome wardrobe after having shopped right in my very own home, was efficiency.  Now, if I am rushing to get dressed, I just pick a top and right there on the tag will tell me how to wear it.  No more grabbing something that looks drab when I’m in a hurry!


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