Free Getaway Right Under My Nose

Initially the cabin-like home in Lake Arrowhead was where my in-laws lived, where I was forced to be on my best behavior for a full weekend which for me is a lot of work.  Then, during the winter months, it was a place to sleep and hang out with friends when we go snowboarding.  Over the years it had become a place for my husband and I to get away from the city (of Los Angeles).  Now, after marriage, having a son, and 9 years of visiting, it has become so much more.  If I am outside in the backyard I can take a breath of fresh air, something rare when one lives so close to a metropolitan area.  I just stare at the gorgeous trees in awe or at the birds that come to rest in the bird houses or to feed on the bird feeders scattered around the backyard or even to bathe in the beautiful bird bath located centrally in the back yard.  I even had the pleasure of taking in the aforementioned scenery while drinking a relaxing glass of white wine one day since my two year old was taking a walk with oma and opa (German for grandma and grandpa).  It was a very surreal moment which I probably why I remember it so well (parent know what I am talking about).  The inside of the house, for me, has become a museum of sorts.  My mother-in law has a masterful eye for finding jewels in thrift stores.  When you look at some of her finds, you immediately want her to go with her on one of those treasure hunts.  The house itself has the most unique features mostly added by the original owner some time ago (I apologize for not having added any history to this piece).  Combine that with my mother-in law’s style (I would say southern meets country) and years and years and years of shopping and you will find yourself just touring the house finding something new and interesting in every corner.

As soon as we arrive to their home, my son runs amuck.  First to find “puppy”, then to play with the new vintage toys oma bought (we have now realize she has a problem containing herself from buying toys for him).  Then, especially if it is a holiday season, I peruse all of the decorations to which there is no limit.  Since we have a mischievous toddler, our sleeping quarters have been relocated to the downstairs master bedroom.  I have to admit, I love it.  It’s very spacious and the master bedroom is, well, masterful.  A white bedspread on a wooden frame with two pictures of what I, knowing nothing about materials or sewing, would call quilt cutouts in matching frames greets you as you walk through the sliding wooden door.  Nestled in the corner is an arm chair with a white cover complete with a matching footrest.  In the master bath, there is an over-sized pedestal tub with a unique gold faucet.  The sink is accented by a gorgeous gold framed mirror that can only be out shined by the wall sculpture that hangs above.  But just when you think there are no more surprises, you see the shower.  It is a quirky little piece that looks like a maze.  It’s funny; you walk a few steps forward in this tile hallway and then turn left to get to the actual shower heads. I love it.  Between the towels laid out ready for us in the bathroom and the mood of the master bedroom, one can only feel like they are at a Bed and Breakfast.

I always feel so fortunate to have such wonderful in-laws who also happen to have to a wonderful home where we are always welcome to visit and the only cost is time with their grandson.  We always have sit down meals and play family games, it’s totally cliché and I love it!


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