Black Friday: Shopping With My New Secret Weapon

During the holiday shopping season, we already get our shopping lists out for family members and friends and forget about ourselves.  On the heels of my last post, Wardrobe Revamp, I started thinking about how I should shop for myself when I have a limited budget.  When I was organizing my clothes into different outfits and looking at what was in style this season, I would tell myself “oh I need this and I just need one of those” to add to my wardrobe.  I also don’t want to buy things that I don’t wear or later regret purchasing.  Then it came to me, a shopping list.  How silly did I feel when I realized it was so simple.  Something we do all the time when we go grocery shopping or to Target for house items.  Why not apply that to clothing shopping for myself.  With Black Friday deals having you wanting to spend every dime to your name, one has to have a focus (and a budget).   Now I am prepared with my shopping list armor.  No gravitating to all the pretty signs with low numbers hysterically picking out whatever has the lowest price looks kind of cute.  No more trying on random items and trying to figure out which one I should pick.  I am totally focused.  I now know I need some blazers, a pair of black pleather (or faux leather) pants, and a pair of bright colored pants.  Ooh and some red pumps. These items will enhance what I already have in my wardrobe and even create new outfits without actually having to buy a whole new outfit.  I cannot wait until tomorrow.  Happy Shopping!!!


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