Pretty In Pink



It’s a girl and it’s pink!  Finally someone I know is having a baby girl and embracing pink!  The only difference with this shower was the fact that the expectant guest of honor was also the hostess.  My friend Rachel, like me, has to do it all.  She was doing the decorating, the cooking, that baking, you name it.  Well I just didn’t think I’d be a good friend if I didn’t offer some help and with an over achieving personality like hers, that is all I was going to be doing.  It was funny because a lot of the exchanges were Rachel telling me the one thousand things she wanted to do and me saying “that’s too much”.  Occasionally my suggestions penetrated that strong armor, but most of the time I just gave support.  The shower turned out wonderful and the dessert table was a cavity waiting to happen.








Each table dawned a hanging centerpiece containing my favorite obsession, hydrangeas.  I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful shade of pink that I snagged at the flower district in downtown Los Angeles for only $6.00 a bunch.  The table top consisted of two  glass vases holding a few simple dark pink daisies allowing the diaper cake (2nd) centerpiece created by the expectant mommy to shine.  Tissue paper pom poms, circle paper garland, and cute little piggy accents rounded out the decor.


For the dessert table, the guest of honor/hostess prepared cake pops, piggy shaped cookies, and yummy white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.  I added my favorite cheesecakes (look for recipe in an upcoming post) and a moist yellow cake topped with an Italian buttercream frosting.  I attempted a Bavarian Cream filling, but the texture came out like a custard.  It still was a hit.


The expectant mother or Miss Overachiever as I have come to think of her, made enchiladas and an amazing corn bean dip that was both gorgeous and delicious.  It was a fun shower with lots of girl talk and overindulging, a perfect way to celebrate a new arrival.


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