Create Your Own Inspiration For Display

For most of us, the chalkboard is a giant fixture in a classroom.  It is where our teachers and professors communicated the day’s lesson.  Now, it is part of the decor, a place to post reminders in your kitchen, or a fun place for kids to scribble.  And I must say I have been swept up in the chalkboard craze.  They have even made it into a spray paint.  I am totally obsessed.  I love the way it looks, especially in a nice frame.  I actually used it to document the menu for the Christmas Brunch I hosted on Christmas Day.  I loved the way it looked leaning on the kitchen counter.  Yet, when the holiday was over, I wasn’t ready to take it down.

I hung the frame in the living room where a no longer befitting painting used to reside.  I did quickly realize that it did not make sense to leave my Christmas Brunch menu there so I began to think what could I write in it’s place.  Then it hit me, a motivational phrase.  I decided to go with one of my New Year’s resolutions, “…Make Lemonade”.  I took off the first part of the saying “When life gives you lemons”, because I kept getting annoyed with myself when I said it in my head.  I was always able to more clearly picture myself responding to a complaint with “make lemonade!”  To me that sounds more smooth and direct.  It’s my effort to have a better response to life’s twist and turns.


True to my frugal nature, I did not buy a chalk board, because it turns out any black paper product takes on chalk just like an actual blackboard.  I used $0.99 posterboard from Wal-Mart, chalk from the 99 Cents Only Stores, and a frame that I already had in my possession.  Oh and scissors, of course.


The end result, a cool framed message that is a constant reminder of how I need to look at life.  Yay!



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