Snow White Gets A Budget

It’s February again and it’s time for my good friend Sara’s lovely daughter Julia’s birthday party.  I was so excited to hear that this year’s theme was Snow White.  Now regardless of Sara’s humility and claim that she is “not creative”, there is no denying her flawless execution of every piece of decoration she has at her parties.


When I first entered the house I missed the cute paper frame taped on the mirror since my eyes were immediately drawn to the food table with a colorful streamer filled backdrop.  The food was simple, which not only makes it easy on the cook, but easy on the pocket and adorable homemade, themed signs added a little more fancy to the ‘f’ in frugal.  Sara’s bonus was using an apple-shaped cookie cutter to cut the PB&J sandwiches.  I think that had to be my favorite.  The center piece added a woodsy flair and cost her about…um $0.  She borrowed some sticks from me that I keep for decorative purposes and cut some excess foliage from her backyard trees and there you have a centerpiece that takes you into the forest.  Now, here is where I bond with Sara the most.  The rest of the forest-like decor on the table are actually from Christmas decorations purchased after the holiday so they cost next to nothing.

Oh and one crucial point I left out in the beginning.  Sara won a free visit from Snow White in a raffle so imagine a budget party that gets a surprise visit from the main character.  Oh yes, this had it all.


The children’s table looked more like a forest picnic table.  It dawned a blue and white plaid table cloth that Sara already had in her stash, mini trees and apples for the centerpiece, and place settings in the color scheme of the snow white character (blue, red, and yellow).

For dessert, my fav, there were of course apple-shaped sugar cookies, cupcakes with adorable Snow White printables on top, and a special mini cake for the birthday girl.

The party was so fun for the kids and reminds me why I am a firm believer in having kids parties that are for the  kids and not to impress their parents.  It allows for much simpler and cheaper cooking and you still impress your main audience, the children.  I am still recovering from admiration of Sara’s surgeon like cutting technique.  She has no special tools so every cutout was free hand.  Insane!




Each kid was sent home with an adorable, goodie-filled yellow basket that cost less than $4 each using the 99 Cents Only Store and Target’s $1 bin.  It was ultimately a craft project of a bird house to be painted and bird seed so the kids can actually see their work put to use.  The party was a hit and at no great cost, way to go Sara!




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