The Perfect Outing For The Interior Designer, Frugal Spender, Environmentally Conscious, Germaphobe Parent In All Of Us

O.k. maybe that just describes me, but I must share this with the two people that may not have discovered it.  My husband was actually the person who got me started, because if anyone likes a deal, it’s him.  On occasional weekend mornings we like to, as a family of three (soon to be four), have breakfast at Ikea.  They have a $0.99 deal and other extremely low cost options on the breakfast menu.  It’s not Lu Lu’s, Marmalade, or your other local fancy breakfast joint but for the price, my clean plate at the end says enough.  The bonus is while you are eating, there is a section where parents can sit at a bar type table and watch your child play in an adjacent play area.  No “are you done yet” fits over here.  For the “Green” in all of us, the only disposables are the straws and there are recycling bins lined throughout.  If you wash your hands before you eat, they have this cool ring to exit the bathroom door so you can open it with you arm and not your hand (I thought that was especially cool and progressive).  If you have to breastfeed or prep a really small child before partaking in the fun, they have strategically set up a room furnished by the masterminds themselves to get nice and comfy while you handle your parental duties.  And that is just the start of your visit.



The children’s furniture/toy section has floor samples to distract the kids while you plan your next Ikea hack for their room.  Depending on the kindness of your spouse, you can continue down the guided path in peace while they watch your little one destroy Ikea equipment or you can just take them along the herds with you where they are sure to get into some mischief.  On our last trip we were searching for a twin bed for our toddler and let him join in on the testing.  He ended up claiming every floor display for himself almost moved into one of the children’s rooms. I have always enjoyed Ikea.  I love being herded along and getting ideas from the floor displays and now with Ikea hackers’ blogs I have a new mission when I go.  Yet, seeing how the store caters to families and all my little quirks, I have a new found respect, a new appreciation, and a new love for this place.  Oh and yes, the $1 frozen yogurt to reward yourself  and your little ones for making it to the finish line does not hurt.



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