Rediscovered Space

This is a perfect example of why I always feel the need to share with friends.  You might just get some well needed advice.  It started off as a typical mommy complaint session.  I was complaining about wanting to create a play area for my son so he doesn’t leave my living room a constant mess, but I wasn’t willing to give up the guest bedroom.  I began to describe my house to my friend, who had yet to visit.  And somehwhere in there I mentioned our nook upstairs and she was like why don’t you use that.  At the time we just had two bookshelves and a rocking chair creating an unused reading space.  I could not believe I never even considered it as a contender.


BEFORE (You can see where the bookshelves were located…see the imprints)

The play area took some time to finish, but the moment we  moved the shelves downstairs to a nice new location and shifted his toy boxes upstairs,  my living room became almost spotless instantaneously.  At that point I already felt like we made a major accomplishment.











The concept for the playroom initially came from the fact that I wanted it to be gender neutral and appealing to children since I didn’t know if I would have a boy or a girl next.  Well the joke was on me because I am pregnant with another boy.  Once I finished the rainbow garland, utilizing different shapes that our son had learned, I realized the room kind of had a preschool feel and so I continued on that path.  In trying to keep the budget low (around $100) I kept it really simple.  The furniture were Christmas gifts and were not bought for the specific space hence the low budget.

In the end I was so elated that I got a twofor  or maybe a threefer…I found a way to keep my livingroom from being destroyed by my wild boy. Wait, I misspoke, it sometimes still gets destroyed but there is not a massive toy clean up afterwards. I created a bright, fun, learning and playing environment for my son and finally, I didn’t lose any space.  Like my mom always says, “use what you have”.  Thanks Z for the idea!


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