Cuckoo Clock Inspired Nursery


For only a brief second was I disappointed when the technician told me I was having a boy.  In the next moment I snapped out of it and realized that my dream had always been to have two boys.  This is what happens when you let the opinions of others influence you.

One day while browsing the web, I came across a cuckoo clock that just inspired me like no other item had before.  I immediately had the idea for my son’s nursery…modern simplicity meets rustic.  Oh and what would a cuckoo clock be without the bird or in this case, the owl.    And true to my current rustic obsession, I wanted the baby shower to have a similar thing so that I can use decorations for the shower that would also be reused for the nursery.  So the shower theme was a rustic country picnic.

The back drop for the dessert table at the baby shower became an awesome rustic sign with one of those cutesy sayings that people post in children’s rooms.  I did not want to exclude my first little prince so I chose something that applied to them both.  I used white paint left over from something years ago and just slopped the words on there.  See, this is the bonus of rustic, it is supposed to look a little rough and untamed.  Well, that is what I told myself when I realized that my “penmanship” is markedly adolescent.  That sign probably cost us around $6* (I know I keep promising DIY posts…I’ll get to it someday).

The orange lamp, a more modern touch in my opinion, was $14 from Ikea and I spotted it from a mile away in the store.  For toy storage, I used the crates my husband stained for the baby shower (used as stands to hold the tarts) to add an even more rustic touch.  The furniture was swapped out from my eldest son’s room so that didn’t cost a thing.



Now here is where I confess as to the immeasurable gap between my creative mind and my physical ability (once those two meet, look out world).  In my head I wanted an accent wall that resembled wood, just like the clock.  And try as I might, I could not find anything on the web showing a technique that would help me achieve this feat.  I came up with an idea and unfortunately got the wrong colors and the wood wall  had to be scrapped.  On the plus side, the brown wall came out nice.  For the birch trees, another new obsession, I just used white chalk to draw the trees free hand.  For the little slits, I ripped pieces of Blue tape so my hubby could just paint across.  The tape was then, immediately, peeled off and voila, broken sections in the tree.  I warn you, it is not a perfect technique and you may have to touch up with the brown due to the minor seepage.


For the baby’s mobile I  snatched a decorative branch from  vases lying around the house and cut it for the top of the mobile.  The owls are held up by fishing wire.  I am milking my two year old fishing wire for everything it is worth, but I have seen people using a type of string which I would love to obtain, but as always, I am frugal first.




Finally, the bookshelves.  Yes, handmade by my husband.  He listened to his crazy wife’s description and came up with something awesome.  Now these put the “ru” in rustic.  This room has to be one of my favorite interior design projects.  I finally got free reign and things actually came out how I wanted.  The main challenges were finding the right type of orange which apparently is off the market.  I had Home Depot tweak an orange paint color to suit my needs and, oh, by the way, I used my machine to cut out large owls to use as stencils and shhhhh don’t tell my doc, but I painted those myself.  The paint was the biggest splurge, but it was totally by accident.  I have to say the door is my fav.  I stole the idea from the countless posts online showing how people can add uniqueness to their home by painting a door a non-traditional color.  The bedding came from Target (about $110) and was the only thing I could find (not an exactly match for the orange). This room makes me so proud, but of course, not as proud as having our family of three become a family of four.