A Golden Wreath: The Easiest DIY You’ll Ever Make


If there were ever a time where I made the most out of old things I had lying around, this is the ultimate.  I was rummaging through one of my unorganized boxes of leftover ribbon from various events and I found a spool of gold and white rope-like string.  Despite the fact that I had absolutely no idea how I would use it, I was overjoyed as it was in the color scheme of my Christmas decor.  In one of my Micheal’s binges, I purchased two circular bases that are probably for floral arrangements with the intent on making wreaths.  I sat and sat and just stared at my supplies and then I had an idea and so I began wrapping.  It was the silliest simple idea and it has to be one of my favorite pieces of this Christmas.



Although this technique would work on anything that could be wrapped, the flat shape of this particular base made it easy to work with and prevented me from running out of string.

Take any spool of string, yarn, or even ribbon and well, just begin wrapping.  Please make sure you have enough because this can take quite a while depending on the diameter of your base and it would be terrible to get close to the end and run out (I was praying the whole time I was wrapping).  The string should be taut as you pull and wrap around.  Make sure that there is no open space between the layers for full coverage and voila, a wreath that appears to be covered in fabric!







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