A Bargain Entryway Holiday Display That Can Double As A Glam Table Setting

My motto: always start your shopping at the bargain stores then splurge a little on things you couldn’t find there with the money you’ve saved.  This display is another part of my Gold and White Christmas theme and my absolute favorite.  It is funny how I have always fought using colors beyond the traditional green and red, but last year with my friend’s White Christmas decor I was inspired.  It has a more whimsical feel and also adds a bit of sophistication to the holiday…well as sophisticated as one can be with two boys taking over your home.  This would have been something I would have loved to put on a fireplace mantle but the 3 inch space we have would not allot for that type of decor.  It worked out, though since it is a wonderful welcoming vision as you enter our home.  After a few days of admiring the decorating, I realized that it would be an awesome center piece at a table for a glammed up holiday party.  Depending on the length of the table, you could double or triple the pieces along the length of the table.  The gift boxes could be at each place setting and have a little treat inside.  I always go with edible since, in my book, it is the cheapest most valuable gift you can give.  Now that may also be just because I surround myself with people who love to eat.






The cost of this display was approximately $15.  The glitter cones were $0.99 each at the 99 Cents Only Store.  The presents, which I confess are empty, were $0.99 each at The Dollar Tree.  The white “candle holders” and bases for my pomanders (the balls of paper roses) were from Goodwill and Salvation Army (my other go to stores).  The pomanders took quite some time to make and I plan to make a tutorial video on how to make the paper roses.  The burlap runner was leftover from my baby shower.  I tied the ends with leftover raffia.  The candles are from Michael’s and were a splurge.  Aside from the pomanders, I literally just threw everything on the table and called it a display (ha ha).


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