A Spring Celebration For Daisy

A Spring celebration  couldn’t be a more fitting setting for little Miss Daisy’s 2nd birthday.  The pastel colors, the flowers, the beautiful insects all a perfect setting for an adorable little girl.  This is most likely why I had a brief (let’s emphasize brief) desire for a little girl when my bestie Dione called me to throw ideas back and forth for her daughter’s party.  This planning was a little different for me as Dione is also very creative and skilled in the art of crafting so she had her own ideas of how she would handle the celebration.  It started off with us spewing out any and everything that has to do with spring and eventually scaling it down to just butterflies and flowers.




True to her nature, Dione did all of the work.  I added a backdrop of tissue paper flowers and assisted in setting up a deliciously colorful dessert table.  I hung some lanterns which I adorned with butterflies all purchased at two of my favorite frugal party planning locations, Party Barn and Fabric Barn (in Long Beach, CA).  A girl could shop there for hours and still have money left over.







These cake pops were my favorite.  Dione cut flowers out of pink and purple cardstock with her Cricut and inserted them into the stick.  A very easy way to turn a  simple cake pop into an adorable bright flower.


Being a childcare instructor (yeah, not sure of her official title), Dione knows exactly how to entertain children and with the super low cost, it was my kind of entertainment.  She set up tables/stations with leggos or drawing materials, and even a soil digging station which, by the way, was the kids’ favorite.  Oh and what would a Spring celebration be without an Easter Egg Hunt.







All of the food, except Buffalo Wild Wings, was catered toward the children although if an adult decide they wanted a butterfly sandwich, who were we to judge.





The party was fun and bright and ended up being an awesome way to ring in the Spring season.




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