Twofer: An Easter basket birthday gift.

Call me cheap…no really, call me cheap, because I am not one to shy away from a good “two for one” deal.  Which is why  it should be no surprise that I decided to combine an Easter basket with a birthday gift for my son’s friend’s 4th birthday party.  Honestly, it is really just a cute gift idea for a 4th birthday that happens to be the day before Easter.  Target had these cute buckets in the Easter section along with a sign saying “buy me, I come with a deal” so I bought one for the birthday boy and a few others for the many kids in my life (post to follow).  The thing with  basket gifts is that you have to get creative.  So beware anyone thinking of trying this (I do recommend it), you will have to come up with  how to fill it and I know for many people that could be a daunting task.


I raided the dollar bins at Target, the dollar store, and I found a Michael’s Arts &  Crafts with $5 or less bins (Jackpot!).  Since I am not a big fan of giving kids too much candy, my creativity was in full affect.  I found some cute basketball band-aids, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle puzzle, a monster truck, markers, Leap Frog learning pad, and some water balloons.  For an extra bonus I threw in a pair of cute Carter’s brand shorts from Costco for $6.99 and yes you do see SOME candy.  I think with all that is said and done, I spent maybe $20 on the whole basket including the bucket itself.


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