Fill your own Easter Basket……for grownups!

Please tell me I am not the only adult who gawks at the premade Easter baskets in the stores during the holiday season wishing I could have one.  Am I really the only one who starts drooling watching children anxiously peel away at the decorative wrapping on their baskets?  Well, just in case I am not,  I decided to share an idea I had while perusing the aisles at Target.   I was purchasing items for some kid’s Easter baskets when I, once again, started desperately craving some of the pastel and egg-shaped candies I was placing in the cart.  But this time I decided “what the heck”, we do all the work.  We pay for the baskets. We dress our kids up and take them to church, parties, blah blah blah.  We deserve an Easter basket too, damn it!  So here it is:



My mind ran wild trying to figure out what to put in it, I mean with adults there are essentially no limits.  I also wanted to be more environmentally friendly so instead of store bought raffia/filler, I just cut up the paper the store clerk used to wrap the candle.  It would be easiest to pull paper out of your shredder if you have one. The basket cost about $10:

Basket: $5 (50% off at Michael’s)

Pink Picture Frame: $1

Quirky Contact Lens Holder (I thought it looked so cool and could be used to hold any little thing): $1

Chocolates: $1

Candle: $1

Homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies:  >$0.50

Pictures for the frame (I actually have two more behind the front one in case she wants to change the pics): $0.51 (for 3)





The main idea here is to create a personalize basket unique to whoever is the lucky recipient.  It would be a great gift idea to give to a host/hostess of an Easter gathering.  And if you haven’t let Hallmark consume your holidays like the rest of us, you can even make a more religious based basket.   Instead of the cutsie kiddie goodies, it might be good to go with more mature treats.  But let’s face it, I love a good box of Peeps.  O.k. I am done with baskets and basket posts…..for this season.



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