Ka Blam!! Fox’s Super Hero Themed 4th Birthday!


The moment I walked into the rec room where my friend Richelle was throwing her son Fox’s 4th birthday and saw the awesome photo backdrop, I knew I had to share this party with anyone and everyone.  Of course, I knew a super hero birthday was going to be a hit with my sons when I first got the invitation.  I mean, what little boy or any child for that matter does not like dressing up as their favorite super human character and acting out the cool moves unique to the hero.  But I was not prepared for the creative ideas she concocted at this party.






For the details, I must first coo over the backdrop that makes even the most conservative adult want to become a super hero.  She used Baby blue plastic table cloth to create the sky.  She created clouds in the shape of her son’s name (genius!).  Construction paper was used to craft a sun and the absolute best part was the cardboard boxes used to make buildings.  The secret was that these boxes are actually turned inside out so one can make use of any box without having to worry to worry about concealing the original packaging.  Talk about a time saver!  And of course, no photo set up would be complete without props.  There were several handmade options from the vintage action word signs to hero masks.




For activities, there was coloring available with, appropriately themed, super hero pages.  One of the best and original games was the Candy Snatcher Villain.  Richelle created an original game where the kids get a chance to fill a bag with candy until the “villain” comes and snatches it away.  The kids waited in a single file line and went one at a time to prevent the havoc that would inevitably ensue if they were allowed to run free.  Finally, my favorite part, each homemade cupcake was topped with a cool super hero logo.  It was an awesome party and the kids were in super hero heaven.  I was very grateful to be invited.



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