Happy Mother’s Day

Inspired by the beautiful lemon tree in my aunt’s backyard, I decided to have a simple Mother’s Day luncheon with a lemony twist.



I didn’t stretch my imagination too far on this one since, on very rare occasions, I do sometimes like to keep things simple….well my kind of simple.



This time my budget was tighter than ever and let me just say it…I just didn’t want to spend money.  I made a very light lunch and a few desserts (yes, there are four different types but I just love dessert).  And, of course, when life presents you with lemons, you make lemonade.





I wanted to keep with the outdoor environment and make things fresh so I made thyme lemonade and, for the water, I added cucumbers.







Here are the Deets:

For the Table

Tulips – $3.99 for a bunch purchased at Trader Joe’s

Vases – $0.99 each

Napkins – Cut from $0.99 pillow case

Place Card Frames/Event Favor – $1.70 each (with 15% off coupon at Michael’s)


Crab Salad Sandwiches – ( had crab on hand from a 50% off sale–Bonus!!!)

Deviled Eggs

Hand Salad – (just take a leaf of your choice of lettuce, add veggies, and roll it up)


Pecan Tart

Strawberry Cream Tart




The back drop (click here for the DIY tutorial) for the food and dessert table was one of my favorites and a labor of love.  It took a lot of time but for the $2.00 price tag, it was totally worth it!  The weather was so perfect like it was designed perfect to match our event, fresh and warm.  We had such a wonderful and relaxing day as it was meant to be.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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