A Conventional Use for an Unconventional Item

In trying to be a Frugalista, I have learned a few things and one of them is company’s always try to gouge you when it comes to specialty items.  I actually first noticed this during my wedding planning.  If they think you are going to use  their venue for a wedding versus a random party, they will hike up the price like nobody’s business.  If there is a particular item used for a specific task (e.g. a broom for sweeping), they will drive up the price knowing you have to use it.   Well I have a little secret, you don’t have to use what they tell you to use.  You can tell that venue you are having a little party instead of a wedding  and you can find a cool, bargain item and repurpose it.


This is exactly what my mother in-law did in purchasing this hands free disposal container from Goodwill.  I am not sure if that was her goal, but it certiainly impressed the hell out of me.


We use this container as a recycling bin and based on the imprint, I am pretty sure it was some sort of laboratory container.  It’s kind of modern-ecclectic meets utility?  It’s super cool, convenient and hands free.



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