How I kicked My Soda Addiction


At the age of 16 in preparation for the prom, I decided to give up soda (a.k.a pop) and drink only water.  I was young,committed, and determined so I was very successful in my task and, in the process,I lost weight which had my dress showing a little side boob, but that is another story.  I ended up sticking with it post prom and never drank soda again until my lovely husband’s obsession with Diet Coke creeped it’s way first into my refrigerator, then into my taste buds.

My knowledge of the unhealthy aspects of this delicious drink could not compete with the incessant cravings.  In the back of my head, I was always yelling “stop stop!!” so I would have fluctuating moments of stopping for some time and then starting up again. Well fast forward to present day and I have finally found something to quench my thirst (for soda) without making me feel I am sacrificing my craving and, not to mention, keeping extra money in my pocket.  My cure, sparkling water!  Sorry, no miracle elixir here if that is what you were expecting.  I realized part of the draw to soda is that deliciously crisp bite I get from the carbonated beverage. With the carbonated water, I still can get that bite without the guilt.  Now, I am not referring to the artificially sweetened waters, just plain carbonated water with the natural flavoring (where it is more of a scent than a flavor).  I don’t have a preference, I just choose whichever brand is the cheapest that day I go into the store.  They are not all created equal so you will have to find which brand best tickles your fancy.  So there you have it, instead of soda, grab yourself an nice cold bubbly glass of water.


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