I think it is so adorable how someone figured out that you can put an ‘a’ and a ‘y’ between BBQ.  It is so adorable and that is exactly the driving force behind this event.  My cousin is pregnant with her second girl and wanted to celebrate the bun in the oven with something simple and sweet with emphasis on the simple.  I mean after all, she was throwing this herself and if anyone knows about being pregnant with your second, you know that four months pregnant feels like 8 months so a big extravagant shower was out of the question.  Honestly, some times a more intimate and simple gathering is just the perfect setting.


The white furnishings were accented with elegant pops of hot pink and orange creating a fresh almost spa-like setting.  Each table was accented with pictures from her maternity shoot photographed by yours truly; a personal touch that gives guests something to talk about.  A friend was enlisted to make printables for labels and paper decor.







The best part of the shower, I must say, was the amazing food prepared by the mother-to-be’s father.  Oh, I am drooling as I am trying to find the words that will most accurately describe the decadent meal.  I feel I must do it justice.  The main food was an assortment of sliders, the meat of which was cleverly shaped like meatballs giving you the most bang for buck….I mean bite.  An assortment of toppings was set up buffet style and included a homemade blackberry bbq sauce and peach mustard…I will pause a moment for you to wipe your saliva.  There were three types of meat from which to choose, chicken feta, turkey, and beef.  My aunt also made her famous potato salad and there was fruit skewers for a little balance.  I have to apologize quickly since there will be no details for the recipes as these are family secrets, but maybe some day I will be able to share.  I can go on and on about the food and strawberry lemonade and the delish cupcakes made by , but let’s just say eating encompassed most of the event.  Several games and well wishes later, the perfect shower came to an end with a cute jar of homemade BBQ sauce in tow.  Just as I said, simple and sweet.




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