A Little Something For a Little Someone


Now I know you are saying to yourself “what a corny title”, but I have to say this first birthday celebration for my little guy is only a shell of what I had originally planned so it was definitely just a little something.  I guess these are those moments when that saying “Life is busy happening when you are making plans” or something like really applies.  I had envisioned my son’s first birthday celebration since the day of his birth.  O.k., that is an exaggeration, but pretty early on.  Yet, it just so happened that his birthday fell 5 days after we up and relocated our whole family to another state.  But I am happy to say that, throughout all the rubble and business, I was able to carve out a small moment to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

I was able to keep the same concept I had originally planned using whatever items made the long trek across country.  The table covering was left over construction paper I had purchased for my oldest son’s 3rd birthday since I didn’t have the gorgeously rustic wooden table I had envisioned.  It was absolutely a good investment since I have used it for 3 events at this point and there is still a significant amount of roll remaining.  I did purchase 2 cake stands from TJ Maxx.  One was only $7 and the other $12.99.  I ended up taking random pictures of the chocolate cake on the stand, because I will tell you, the right dishware will turn up food presentation several notches.

For my “Ode to One” chalkboard aka 99 cent store black posterboard, I used a white crayon to write the word “one” in multiple languages since I could not find chalk.




The cakes I made were Chocolate, Southern Coconut, and White cake with Raspberry buttercream frosting (my favorite).  I will confess, in my haste, I forgot to add the 4.5 tsp of baking powder to the mix so it did not rise and was very dense.  None of which prevented me from gobbling up at least one slice.


A little quick tip,  I threw away my broken sifter in the move and forgot to buy a replacement.  I strainer works wonders!


Since I gagged at the idea of my 12 month old gobbling up a sugar encrusted cake, I frosted his cake with Yoplait yogurt.  I preferred using a plain yogurt in which I add a couple of natural and non-sugar flavors, but someone did not get the Plain Greek Yogurt I requested so I got the next best, non sugar icing thing.


For my little prince’s crown, I used some pipe cleaner I found in my oldest son’s craft box.  It wasn’t my normal blow out, but hey, he was happy and I am a proud mama.

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