No Babysitter, No Problem: Keeping Date Night Alive



There was a time, long ago….o.k. only four years, but it seems like an eternity when you are a parent.  Anyway, there was a time when my boyfriend (now my husband) or I would say hey let’s go out and the only consideration was where to go.  Fast forward to the present and those people are but a mere fantasy.  Now it is, who will watch the kids?  Are the kids sick?  What time will they go to sleep so we can make a break for it?  Or, ugh, I am too tired to get all dressed up and battle the crowds.  We have recently added another wrench in our dating plans by relocating to an area where we have do not have a single family member.  We no longer have to ask the question who will watch the kids, because we already know the answer is “no one”.  Yet instead of being defeated, because I will say it is so important for parents to get a moment where you feel like adults again and more importantly where you get a chance to be reminded of why you married the person, we decided to have date night at home.

For my husband and I, being able to enjoy a glass or two (or three?) and turn on a movie after the kids go to sleep is priceless and aside from the wine and movie, is near free.  We often like to spice it up with margaritas with some chips and salsa to remind us of our happy hour days at El Toritos. I recognize to the lucky few that can afford to get the best help or have live-in parents or just a trustworthy person at the tip of your fingers (literally since you have to use your fingers to call them) this may seem like a yawn fest or something you do when you become a retiree, but I will tell you it makes you feel like a twentysomething again.  The best part is you can be in something extremely comfortable and your kids are right there across the hall, upstairs, downstairs.  Anything you and your battlefield partner (aka child rearing partner) can think of, you can do at home for date night.  It has often surpassed the option of going out some days.  So for those of you stuck without a baby sitter, there is still hope.


One thought on “No Babysitter, No Problem: Keeping Date Night Alive

  1. This is a nice reminder that couples time is important no matter how many years you’ve been married. I like to go out and my hubby is a home body. This is a great compromise… he gets to stay home and I can spend some quality time with him. Thanks!

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