Childproofing Tip for Renters


What do you do when  you cannot put any permanent fixtures on furniture, but you really need to keep the little ones out of dangerous areas?  Go to Target and buy a canister of mini bungee cords for only about $3.99.  These little gems do the trick without damaging cabinets.  Now, before you even utter a word I already know what you are saying.  “Won’t it be a hassle taking them on and off?”  Well I can’t lie, it can get annoying at times.  My solution was, when possible, put items that I need to keep away from kids but find myself using constantly on top shelves or counters.  In the bathroom (pictured above), I purchased one of those cheap behind the toilet racks and I put Q-tips, my toner, and other frequented items on it.  Since we don’t have drawers in our unit, we really needed another option.  Unfortunately not everything can be squeezed onto a top shelf or counter so I have just mastered taking the bungees on and off with great speed and efficiency.  Best of all, when we finally get our new home, we will just pop those puppies off and be on our way.



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