Old Bananas, New Idea

Do you remember when your parents used to preach the “There are people in other countries that are starving” every time you were sitting at the table wasting food?  Well I do and I am positive that it was that statement from way back in my childhood that popped it’s way into my psyche causing me to turn this


into this


And If you are wondering how I managed to end up with seven “aged” bananas, well let’s just say this is what happens when you do not perform a last minute check before you leave for vacation (don’t ask). Anyway, fast forward to the day I decided not to be wasteful and I can actually recall standing there staring at the bananas contemplating their fate.

I have to tell you though, aside from being proud that I was not being wasteful, I enjoyed some amazing treats.  I made healthy banana muffins for the kids to have for snacks or breakfast which they loved and a banana cake that had me shockingly in love.  It was so good that I had to send it to work with my husband (side note, he didn’t get any at work since the cake was gone in less than 2 hours).

So as I always say, waste not want not.  Next time you see your bananas getting passed their prime, because you bought too many or just got too busy to grab a potassium boost in the morning, cheer up because an awesome alternative is just an hour away.