My Something-Is-Better-Than-Nothing Christmas Decoration

Of course I had some inclination to decorate this Christmas.  I mean, who doesn’t love the sparkly lights or shiny ornaments dangling from a deliciously fresh smelling pine tree.  But this year, it was going to be a little different since we are just in a transitional locale and more specifically we plan to, once again, be homeowners just before the most exciting holiday of the year (Thanksgiving is a close second).  So the thought of going all out on Christmas decor seemed pointless.  To throw an even bigger wrench in my already premeditated attempt to do half a@s Christmas decorations, I got sick two days before Thanksgiving.  I chose to ignore my aching body or the hacking cough every two seconds and still cooked, shopped, and traveled so by the time Thanksgiving was over and my son kept begging to decorate, the something-is-better-than-nothing Christmas decorations were born.  I grabbed the most visible boxes that contained holiday decorations and literally started throwing things in random places.  I mean, come on, I can be a perfectionist, but you have to draw the line some where (I am still coughing a week later).


The one thing I am proud of is our “Christmas Tree”.  I knew we just didn’t have time to pick up a tree and it just seemed like too much work knowing we will be working on our new home (cross your fingers) during the holiday so I recalled the post on Apartment Therapy about alternative Christmas trees and remembered some were drawn on a wall so I thought why not.  This was probably one of the best Christmas ideas since I have had children.



I drew the tree and then let my four year old trace it with chalk.  It served as Christmas decorating with mommy and a writing skill builder.  He did so well!  We even put ornaments on it.



When all was done and I was looking around our apartment, all I could say was “something is better than nothing”.


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