Must Share Cupcakes

My husband’s company is doing a bake sale for charity and, in my epic Quest to conquer my “Baked Goods” Pinterest board, I volunteered to bake something.  I mean I wanted to help the charity.  As I scrolled through my board trying to pick out my next challenge, I chose a cupcake.  Which cupcake you ask, um, how about that delicious looking one on my board that shows a lone cupcake with those crisp, shiny bacon pieces sprinkled on top of a pillow of butter cream frosting and  the words “Maple” in the title above (I am sure you can imagine me drooling).

Now, I have made a few desserts from my board already and some have been pretty good and some have been, uh, not so good.  But, I hereby solemnly swear that this has been the best cupcake I have made thus far.  I mean, I don’t know where to begin.  Was it the moist texture of the cupcake itself?  Was it the hint of nutmeg in the cupcake?  Was is the maple flavoring in the buttercream frosting that just lingered after every bite.  Excuse me for a moment while I wipe my tears as I was only able to eat half of one since they were not for me and I had to let my hubby have a taste and then sent them away.  I mean this recipe was done right and I can’t take credit for it. Well I actually combined two recipes so maybe I can take credit for that part.

The recipe was semi-homemade and if you know me, you know I refuse to not make every bit from scratch.  This was the hundredth time I had a recipe on my Pinterest that I ended with me being crushed to find they used a box mix.  But this time, for some reason, I insisted on making the recipe.  Turns out, there are several online recipes for copycat box mix.  I chose this one from  Please note, though, that I used 1/2 C of dry buttermilk and, since I apparently don’t like to read things all the way, used only 2 1/2 C of cake flour.  Then I proceeded to follow a recipe for the most delicious cupcakes ever…..Maple Bacon Cupcakes.


Please note a couple of changes:  I had maybe 2 tsp of sour cream left at home so I topped it off with plain yogurt.  I also used my kids’ leftover 2% milk instead of whole milk (at least I assume that is what “milk” means).


For the frosting, I got the brand of maple flavoring they carry at Kroger aka Ralph’s and I only needed 1 tsp.  Please note the name of the cupcake is deceiving because the cake part of the recipe is actually a vanilla nutmeg cake so you also get a very distinct nutmeg flavor.  It is not a subtle flavoring of nutmeg either so just know that going into this recipe. I say that because I am aware many people don’t like the nutmeg flavor (I say it’s the crazzies).  In that case, I would recommend just eliminating it altogether (again crazy).  Anyway. you have got to make these cupcakes.  They are definitely being filed under my go to treats.



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