Before and After: Say Goodbye to Retro Gold


Walking through my front door, wait let me take a moment to absorb the fact that I said “my” in regards to the front door…..ok so as I was saying, walking through my front door or any front door for that matter one of the first things you notice is the light fixture in the foyer/entryway.  For our front door, it was a bit of an eye sore.  I am sure that someone in the world likes that shade of “gold” and the frosted stars, but my husband and I are not one of them.  Being budget conscious and having no idea what type of lighting I want to put into my home, I knew immediately that we were going to spray paint it.



I created a larger than life cardboard box with my favorite multipurpose paper roll that you will see make an appearance in many of my posts.


My husband created this cool apparatus for the screws. Next was to go to town with the spray paint.  I used the Oil Rubbed Bronze Rust-Oleum brand spray paint from Lowe’s  .  I can’t remember how much we actually paid, but the website lists it as about $8.  It coated really well without putting much effort into prepping the metal (cleaning it off).

While the glass was separated from the frame my husband questioned the frosted stars and decided to inspect whether or not they were etched into the glass.


Well, bonus for us, it was not.  The first idea was to use nail polish remover.  That did not work.


We ended up scratching it off with a piece of wood and  it totally worked.


It’s like night and day.  It may not be exactly what I want but it absolutely works for now.




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