Instant Privacy for Under $50

One of my favorite pass times since childhood is to drive by and gawk at beautiful homes.  I love good architecture, landscaping and most of all those obnoxiously large houses we dream of living in.  If I happen to be taking an “exterior home tour” at night, I love to look inside (from a distance, I’m not that creepy) those amazing homes.  You can see how that million dollar home was furnished or maybe even a huge gaudy chandelier.  Either way, the evening turns those houses into a fishbowl for all to see.  This is why, you can imagine, I had a major issue with the 67″ X 8″ openings on either side of the front door of my home.  I mean, come on what if there are people like me passing by and doing a visual tour.  Every time I walk past those little slits at night I wonder, “did someone just see me do that?”  Yep, I am a hypocrite what can I say.

The only thing I knew to do was change out the glass to one of several different types that I have seen to prevent your home from becoming a museum for passersby.  Now, I have no idea how expensive a project like that will cost, but I knew I did’t have a budget to even consider it.  So one day my husband presented me with an idea, that had me thinking his goal to save a buck has finally made him go Coo Coo for Coco Puffs (I am sure I just aged myself).  He wanted to put a film over the windows!  “Are you kidding me?”, tacky film on our windows in the front of the house.  I mean what look are we going for here?  Well, I entertained his silly idea and started looking at the products and, to my surprise, it wasn’t half bad.  Well, a trip to Home Depot and an order on Amazon later, we purchased our window film.  There are several options for the film, but I chose a laced pattern as I felt, aside from privacy, it would add a nice look.   It was easy to apply (as a two man job).  Just clean the windows using newspaper or any other material that does not leave lint.  Cut the film to fit the window.  Spray the window with warm water containing a few drops of soap.  Carefully apply the the film to the window and use the enclosed squeegee to smooth out the bubbles (note: the instructions come with the product).  It turned out gorgeous.  I cannot believe the look it added to the foyer and the best part is it that in less than an hour, we had instant privacy.

Forgive me for the pictures.  I am still learning a lot about photography and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to capture the film in the light without blacking out the rest of the interior.



Here is the film applied to only the window on the left.




I even went out at night and had my munchkin stand in the foyer to see if I could see him.  You might be able to see a little blue if you really look closely, his footie pajamas are very bright but that was about it.


I recommend having two people to make this go faster and for the delicacy in which you have to apply the film to the window to keep it aligned properly.  Now, we have only had it up for a few days so we have to see how long it lasts or if it can withstand the kids’ curiosity but even if we get a year or so out of it I will feel it was $44 well spent.  Until we can get true stained or etched glass, it is an excellent temporary fix.




One thought on “Instant Privacy for Under $50

  1. Wow! That really looks like beautiful etched glass. I’ll have to look into that idea, since we have clear glass on our front door. Thanks!

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