Cooking Tips That You Should Not Ignore: Making It Last

How many times have you spent 10 billion dollars on produce, usually herbs and berries only to have it become engulfed in mold or wilt before you have a chance to use it?  O.k. pricing is no where near 10 billion dollars, but some produce pricing is just as ridiculous.  Despite the cost, I found myself having to toss nearly half a container, because you know I don’t really like my produce with a side of mold.    My initial attempts at preventing this waste, eating it super fast or  putting it with all of my children’s meals since they are the berry lovers, never worked.  I could never eat it fast enough.  I got to the point where I was accepting that only the top layer (referring to the plastic container in which they are stored) would be eaten.  I mean, it was molding around two days after purchasing.

I began to look up options on saving them since they are so healthy and my kids love them, but internet searches would bring me to processes that I believed were preposterous. I imagined some no shoe wearing (I have a thing about bare feet, but that is for another day and another time) pixie frolicking in a field of produce making a meal right out of their own garden.  You know the person that grows all of their food, uses organic cloth diapers, has never touched a piece of processed food, etc. etc.  I am not trying to bad mouth those people at all.  I actually think that is awesome.  I just have always felt that their way of life was impossible for the average person and by average person, I mean yours truly.  Anyway so I ignored those tips until one day cilantro was nowhere to be found due to a recall and when I finally did find some, it was organic and cost a mint (well it was expensive to me).  I decided to buy it since I really wanted it.  This time I was like “I’ll be damned if I am going to let this golden cilantro wilt and spoil in a few days” so it pushed me to try, what I thought was, some hare-brained scheme.  Treat the cilantro like a plant…that you have to keep in the fridge.  When you bring it home, rinse it and dry it thoroughly.  Next place it in a cup filled with water and cover it with a ziplock bag and put in the fridge.


It freakin’ worked!  My cilantro lasted for ever!


And once that worked, I decided these food tips are not crazy after all so I tried the berry trick and that worked as well.  My cilantro lasted more than 2 weeks and my berries lasted a week or at least long enough for us to finish it at our own pace.



  For the berries instead of just rinsing it with water.  Rinse it with vinegar. Yes, vinegar!  For every cup of water, use about 2 tablespoons of vinegar.  I do not have a particular amount of time to rinse in the solution, you just don’t need to soak it long (30 seconds should be sufficient).

I could not believe it actually worked and so well.   Shows me to judge.  So I say, do not ignore tips, try them out.  You never know what might happen.


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