The $4-1 hour Make-over I cannot believe!



Every time I pull into my driveway, I would consider knocking down my lamp post.  I would literally stare it down like it was taunting me saying “ha ha, you don’t have time…you are going to have to deal with my atrocious appearance forever!”  I drive around  my neighborhood and I see these ebony black lamp posts with a flawless sheen.  It can add such a sophisticated glamour to your front yard, but if it is not well maintained, it can turn into a prop for a scene in a horror film.  You know, the broken down home that houses ghosts.  O.k. maybe I am being dramatic, but my lamp post had morphed into this strange grayish pole with a rusted gold top and bugs and dirt had built their dream home within the glass casing.  It’s a miracle that light was even able to illuminate from that thing.


One random day when I went to Wal-mart to buy supplies for another project, I grabbed a can of spray paint.  When I finally got home, I barely had any time to start my other project and I had just drove past that eye sore yet again.  I had only a few minutes to decide what to do with the little time I had left so I chose, to revamp the lamp.  Ha Ha.

First I disassembled the lantern and washed the glass.  I grabbed whatever I could find to protect the surrounding areas and commenced to spraying.  I am not kidding, I had only a few minutes before I had to get dressed for work so I sped through this like I was in a race.  It took me less than 1 hour and yes, there were a few flaws which I plan to fix later, but I do know that I now pull into my driveway with a huge smile.  I cannot believe how quick and cheap was this project.