My First Rustic, Elegant, Spooky, All In The Name of My 6 Year Old, Halloween Decor

Last year my eldest son noticed Halloween decorations on the front door of our neighbor’s aka classmate’s aka friend’s house and shortly thereafter, the complaints began.  “When are we going to put our decorations up?  Why don’t we have any Halloween decorations?”  What I wanted to say was “When pigs Fly”,  “When that money tree I planted starts to fruit”?, but instead, I chose to put out a couple of cheap things from the dollar store just to keep him quiet as I don’t typically do Halloween decorations.  I don’t like the scary aspect of it for my kids and it can be…well…just creepy.  This year, I found a way to appease my child and kind of stick with my anti-evil Halloween by deciding to do bat-spider-black themed decor.  I mean, bats are a real thing and so are spiders and so they are not really spooky spooky and, well, black is just a color that looks cool.  Thanks to the Dollar Tree and Target’s $1 and $3 bins (although they have recently started sneaking in a $5 bin thinking I wouldn’t notice), I made a creation that could get anyone in the Halloween spirit.



I love recycling.  The black birds are from the Dollar Tree and that beautiful manzanita branch is from our wedding.  That piece is so versatile.  The spider web-like material is something I bought for my son’s kindergarten Halloween party.  It is supposed to go on a table, but since there is no decoration police, I chose its place as I saw fit.


I contemplated  removing my coat rack with all those coats distracting me then I realized if I removed the coats and covered it with a white sheet, it would serve as a ghost without really being a ghost so I refused to put eyes (at my kids and husband’s suggestion).



The October 31 chalkboard sign was an idea I copied from the internet.  My freehand game is improving big time!



I got so into the spirit, I swapped out my rustic picture frames for black frames sitting in my closet and framed Halloween-themed clip art printed on plain white paper.  I gave my self a pat on the back for that freebie piece of decor.



This was definitely one of my most surprising decoration outcomes as I did not really plan it out and there was no stress involved.  I am even pretty sick so I  was dragging around moping as I finished off the final touches.  What started off as more of an obligation became a bit of a passion project that kind of left me in awe.  Happy Halloween!!!!