Cooking Tip That You Should Not Ignore: Don’t take the shortcuts in baking

In my post last week, I kind of pretended like this didn’t happen, but this time I will bring it up.  I have been gone for quite some time which according to successful bloggers, is not a way to keep interest.  I was transitioning back to working mom and it has not been easy to say the least.  Yet, I have made it my goal to at least post one blog per week in the thick of all the chaos that is my new life so I am hoping that I am  not being overly ambitious.

As you may remember from last week I am implementing a series of posts on cooking tips I have read about and am trying and that work.  The first part of this tip comes from internet posts, cooking channels and you name it.  The second part is my own spin on what I have heard previously and seen recently.  Have you heard or read about the room temperature demand in recipes?  Well, I have and I took it like more of a suggestion.  I mean, I am normally baking spontaneously or (the norm) I am rushing and trying to squeeze it into a small window of time so who in the world would remember to take out the butter, eggs, or whatever to bring to room temperature.  I mean, this has to be a suggestion, right?  Wrong!  For the first time I actually decided to bring the eggs, liquid and butter to room temp  and let me just tell, it made a world of difference.  My cupcakes came out so even and beautiful.  I just stared at them through the oven door drooling.  Another contributor to the beautiful specimens that were my cupcakes was the ice cream scoop method.  I have watched countless baking shows or shows that interview successful bakers in house and they all were using ice cream scoops to dispense their cupcake batter into the liners.  Once again, I ignored it because, well I don’t happen to have an ice cream scoop.  One day, recently  I saw the owner of Magnolia’s (if you haven’t heard about it, Google it.  It looks awesome) level off her ice cream scoop of batter before she put it in the pan so I thought hmm and the light bulb went on.  The next time I baked, I grabbed my 1/4 C measuring cup and went to town.  Just scoop up the batter and level it off with a butter knife and voila.  Incorporating those tips produced cupcakes I had never seen before outside of an expensive bakery.  They just looked so pretty and of course, as always, they tasted delicious!


I am telling you when you are looking at recipes, don’t write off the tips and preparation.  It can make something go from pretty good to something amazing!


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